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Latest news from The Great Barn – a breathtakingly beautiful Wedding Venue in Devon.

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It’s only been a few weeks since the wedding of Rhiannon & Troy, but we love these photographs from Sarah Jayne Photography so much, we just had to share them as soon as we could.

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It’s been a crazy start to wedding season this year and doesn’t show any signs of stopping until Christmas! And we have been so lucky to be able to host some of the most gorgeous couples, including Alice and Robbie who were married over the Easter weekend.

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Bridesmaids were a soft pastel, floral delight and Richard looked very dapper in his blue three-piece complete with buttonhole. Of course it was Jessica who shone that weekend, along with the sun, and all the guests could sit back and enjoy the garden wedding underneath our arbour.

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We particularly love the picture of Cat, respendent in her gown, looking off (to her new husband perhaps) and the shot of every single loved one who came to share their wonderful day, waving and laughing. It truly sums up a cracking weekend for us all at The Great Barn Devon.

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Well, what a weekend! We’re just coming down from a wedding high and getting ourselves back together in time for the next one. So, while we are nursing sore feet and putting the freshness back, we are going to indulge in a little bit of Megan & Johnny’s wedding from last year. 

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Running a business, even one as fun as ours, is hard work. Not only are there regular, weekly jobs to do for each and every wedding and event that takes place at The Great Barn Devon, but even when the season slows a little (i.e. January) there is a mountain of work to be done to keep the barn and grounds in tip top condition. We never know when a potential client may want to come and see the venue and so we always like to keep it looking fresh and clean and ready to party.

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This is the wedding of Corrie & Adam. They were married in a civil ceremony at The Great Barn last July. It feels like there are miles and miles of smiles throughout this beautiful imagery, captured effortlessly by Lee Maxwell Photography.

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