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Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico

West Barn, The Great Barn Devon

A few steps away from The Great Barn, on the opposite side of the courtyard, is the newly refurbished West Barn. Perfect for wet weather cover if your guests are unable to use the garden for drinks, and jolly useful for coffee, children’s entertainers or just for those who would like to chill and chat.

The same team who restored the Barn have transformed this former farm building into a fresh, bright space. With its lime-washed beams, plastered walls and limestone floor, it retains much of its 16th century charm, but with a contemporary nod.

At one end are some squidgy sofas, at the other bar stools and shelves, perfect for perching, with plenty of room for guests to mingle and our staff to circulate.

Fantastic pendant lights hang throughout the length of the building, supplemented by spotlights hidden up high. Heating is supplied by a fan pumping hot air into the space, warming it up incredibly quickly and efficiently, using our eco-friendly biomass system.

There is no obligation to use West Barn but it is a lovely space which is available should you need it.

West Barn, Devon, The Great Barn, Wedding Venue
The West Barn
West Barn,The Great Barn Devon
West Barn,The Great Barn Devon
West Barn,The Great Barn Devon
West Barn,The Great Barn Devon
The West Barn, Great Barn Devon

Buy Lorazepam Legally Online