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  • The Great Barn Devon, Devon Wedding Venue

We want your wedding day to be calm and fun not rushed or shared. With this in mind unlike many venues we only have one full wedding a week here. This means as part of your venue hire fee, the place is yours the day before your wedding.

During that day you can decorate the Barn, your tables, the garden and West Barn if you plan to use it.   If you are having your ceremony in the Barn, John will rehearse your music and light it exactly as you would like. He will run through all the arrangements for your day so that you can relax in the knowledge that he will make sure everything goes precisely to plan.

Once things are in place it means on the morning of the wedding, our brides can relax having their hair and makeup done, and the boys can take their time getting ready.

“It was so lovely to enjoy the day before the wedding so much. We felt as if we were the only people who had and ever would get married in the Barn because so much time and focus was given.”

Rachel & David

“Thank you for the calming influence, problem solving and well timed tea breaks in the days leading up to the wedding. Your completely professional yet warm and welcoming attitude was beyond our expectations.”

Rachel & Simon
Buy Lorazepam Legally Online