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 The Great Barn Devon
Conference Rates

Below are our guide rates, but do get in touch to discuss your event. We would be very happy to put together a bespoke quote.

Do also let us know if you have specific menus in mind, we would be pleased to come up with some delicious suggestions.

All our prices are exclusive of VAT and include:

The Great Barn
West Barn
Beautiful gardens for your refreshments on fine days
Ample free parking
Flip chart
Fabulous furniture, china, glass, cutlery and linen for your day
Choice of style of tables & chairs, trestle or round tables
Jugs of water & glasses
Licensed bar
A member of our team dedicated to looking after your day

Day Delegate Rate £37

Tea, coffee, juice, pastries on arrival
Mid-morning refreshments including cookies
Hot or cold fork lunch including and pudding
Afternoon tea, coffee and cake

Day Delegate Rate £29

Tea, coffee, juice, pastries on arrival
Mid-morning refreshments including cookies
Buffet lunch including sandwiches, kettle chips, fruit and cake
Afternoon tea, coffee and cake

Half Day Delegate Rate £12

Tea, coffee and cookies on arrival
Either mid morning or mid-afternoon refreshments including cookies

If you would like to add lunch to your half day
Fork Lunch £16.50 per head
Buffet Lunch £9.50 per head

 The Great Barn
Bespoke Events Rates

Below are our guide rates but do get in touch to discuss your event, we would be very happy to put together a bespoke quote.

All our prices are exclusive of VAT.

 The Great Barn

Mon, Tues, Weds, ThursYear Round£100/hour
Minimum hire 4 hours
Friday, Saturday, SundayYear RoundWe’d be happy to quote

 West Barn

Mon, Tues, Weds, ThursYear Round£200/half day (4 hrs)
Friday, Saturday, SundayYear RoundWe’d be happy to quote
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