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  • Wedding Flowers, The Great Barn Debon, Wedding Venue Devon, Devon Wedding Venue

Some of our clients bring in a florist to help them decorate The Great Barn and we have some really wonderful recommendations on our Bride’s Bible. Others like to do it totally themselves. Whatever route you decide to go down, the joy of The Great Barn is that it is a blank canvas. The simplicity of the lime plastered walls, slate and wooden floors adapt to a huge variety of styles and colours. Everything seems to work in the The Great Barn from rustic country chic to very structured minimalist decoration.

Aside from flowers on the tables, the alcoves around the walls look fabulous with a decorative arrangement or storm lanterns with a church candle. In fact, we positively encourage our clients to use lots of candles. With the lights dropped down, the place looks really magical. We now have some fab storm lanterns, very tall white candle sticks and other bits and pieces you are welcome to hire.

Using very narrow steel wires, which we drop down the walls, we can also hang wreaths on either end of The Great Barn or swags along the side walls. The large back doors make it easy to bring in trees or branches, which we can suspend over the stairs – a hanging mistletoe ball at Christmas is always popular! Whatever you or your florist have in mind, we will help you make it happen.

Friday .. the prep day .. is always a busy time when our brides, grooms and helpers come to make The Great Barn their own. It’s great watching the transformation and it never ceases to amaze us what fantastic ideas and really personal touches they bring to their special day.

“Thank you again. A tiny piece of our hearts and love will be in your barn forever.”

Rachel & David

“Thank you for your perfect hosting, impeccable planning, full support and making The Great Barn such a unique and special place.”

Tilly & Andy
Buy Lorazepam Legally Online