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Drinks For Your Day

We hope you like the look of our suggestions for your reception drinks, delicious wines for your feast, as well as our selection of fizzes for your speeches.

Included are some of the finest drinks produced in Devon, while the wines and fizz are carefully chosen by our wonderful local wine merchant, none of which can be found on supermarket shelves and all at sensible prices. If, however, there is something you would particularly like, not on our list, don’t hesitate to let us know.

We completely understand how important it is that your guests are not only well fed and but well watered too! With this in mind, based on a good number of years of experience, we have allowed for a realistic amount per head.

Once your numbers are confirmed, as part of our Planning Meetings, we will together agree your Drinks Order. If, in the unlikely event, your guests are much thirstier than anticipated and drink everything before the end of the reception or feast, then our Maître D will come to you to ask if you would like to extend your supplies. Have no fear, we have plenty in our stores.

On the flip side if there are any bottles left over you can choose to either offer them as complimentary drinks during the evening reception or take them home and stash them under the stairs!


All prices include VAT and Service.

Please note, pricing and availability may alter slightly over the coming years. We will of course let you know well in advance.

Supplying Your Own Day Drinks | £11/head

We completely understand you may prefer to buy in your own drinks for your reception, feast and toasts.  Please factor into your budget our £11/head (day guest only) fee which covers: taking delivery, handling, secure storage, unpacking, disposal of boxes and bottles, chilling, ice and garnishes for your drinks and finally . . . being served by our waiting staff. 

Our bar will look after all your evening reception drinks and can be run either as a licensed pay bar or we can keep a tab if you would like to offer complimentary evening drinks.  

Friday Suppers & Sunday Get Togethers

For Friday or Sunday gatherings we would be happy to add fizz, wine and non-alcoholic drinks to your Drinks Order.

Reception Drinks

Prices below allow for 2.5 glasses per head
(sounds odd we know but in our experience some guests will drink 2 glasses, some 3 during the 1.5-2 hour reception…)

Choose Three plus a Non-Alcoholic Choice


Prosecco Cortestrada | £8
You simply can’t go wrong with this refreshing Prosecco with notes of apple and pear.

Crémant de Loire Rose | £10
French, pink bubbles.

Bellini | £11
Classic, classy Italian cocktail of Prosecco with peach puree.

Aperol Spritz | £13
Delicious Italian cocktail of Prosecco, Aperol, soda, over ice, garnished with a slice of orange.

Champagne Brut Jules Feraud | £13.50
Notes of fresh ripe fruit, perfect with canapes.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne | £16.50
Good quality champagne without breaking the bank.


Pimms | £10
Pimms, lemonade, garnished with seasonal fruit and mint.

Mulled Wine or Cider | £11
Perfect warming alternative for winter weddings.

TGB G & T | £11
Great Barn twist using the best of Devon, Papillon Gin, distilled on Dartmoor, mixed over ice with Luscombe tonic, garnished with lemon and lime.


Bottled lagers & ciders served chilled from our vintage galvanised tubs filled with ice.

Peroni or Budweiser | £11

Sandford Orchard Devon Red Cider | £12.50

Local Craft Beers | £13
Bays Brewery’s Devon Rock Craft Lager(4.5%) Devon Cove Pale Ale (4.1%)


Luscombe Elderflower Bubbly | £6.50
Devon made delicious alternative fizz.

Non-Alcoholic G & T | £12
Salcombe Non-Alcoholic Gin, New London Light, served with Luscombe tonic with a slice of orange and sage leaf.


Carafes of our delicious spring water with ice and lemon will be on your tables during the Feast and a constant supply is on tap from our drinks dispenser on the bar for the evening reception, but do let us know if you would like us to supply still or sparkling bottled water.


Allow half a bottle (3 glasses) of wine per head.

Depending on your menu we can help you put together a combination of red, white and/or rosé.

Prices are per bottle.  


Sauvignon Blanc, Pierre Lacasse | France | £14
Aromas of grapefruit & gooseberry, lively, clear and refreshing.

Pinot Grigio, Cattaratto | Italy | £14
Light and dry with mellow orchard fruit on the palate.

Organic Rioja De Alto Gatito Loco | Spain | £16.50
Clean and crisp with peachy notes.

Dart Valley Reserve, Sharpham | Devon | £19
Dry local wine from the banks of the River Dart.

Sauvignon Blanc Hunter’s Wines| N Zealand | £20
Produced on a family run winery. Hints of lime and passion fruit.


Malbec Toro Fuente | Argentina | £14.50
Full bodied with a rich palate of dark fruit and mocha.

Shiraz Euca Hill | Australia | £14.50
Excellent Shiraz, warming and round.

Alianca Dao | Portugal | £16
Immediately juicy with lots of bramble fruit, excellent with beef or lamb.

Organic Rioja Tinto, De Alto | Spain | £15
Fresh and round with a multitude of red and black fruits.

Fleurie La Madonne| France | £19
Elegant, floral Beaujolais of immense charm.

Pinot Noir, Sharpham | Devon | £25
Lighter, deliciously bright wine packed full of sweet, plummy fruit.


Chiaretto Rosé, Ancora | Italy | £14.50
Refreshing, dry, versatile and food friendly rosé from Piemonte.

Casal Mendes | Portugal | £15
Slightly sweeter, bursting with strawberries and raspberries.

Organic Rosé, Adobe Reserve | Chile | £15.50
Fresh, delicate and easy to drink with flavours of cherry and blackcurrant.

Whole Berry Rosé, Sharpham |Devon | £23
Off-dry, fruity, youthful rosé. One of the very best English pink wines.


Botrytis Semillion | Australia | £16
A beautiful bouquet of honey, apricot and nectarine.

Monbazillac Grangeneuve | France | £19
Luscious complex fruit rivalling its more expensive Sauternes neighbours.


15 glasses per bottle.

Late Bottled Vintage Port, Krohn | Portugal | £25
Damson plum, dried fruit and warm spice with hints of fresh cherry.


Allow one glass per head for toasts.

Six glasses per bottle.

Prosecco Spumante, Cortestrada | Italy | £19

Crémant de Loire Brut Rose | France | £25

Champagne Brut Jules Feraud | France | £32

Sparkling Brut, Sharpham | Devon | £36

Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne | France | £41

Luscombe Elderflower Bubbly (non-alcoholic) | £9


Our licensed bar stocks a long list of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks at average, not vastly inflated, prices.

Any partially drunk bottles of wine from the feast won’t got to waste, they will be brought down to the bar and served as complimentary until finished.

Equally we are happy to run a tab if you would like your guests to have complimentary drinks in the evening.


Prosecco Spumante Cortestrada (2.5 glasses) £8
Pierre Lacasse Sauvignon Blanc (half a bottle) £7
Prosecco (1 glass) for toast £3.16


TGB G & T (2.5 glasses) £11
Malbec, Toro Fuente (half a bottle) £7.25
Prosecco (1 glass) for toast £3.16


Cremant de Loire £10
Shiraz, Euca Hill (half a bottle) £7.25
Champagne Brut Jules Feraud (1 glass) for toast £5.33


Aperol Spritz (2.5 glasses) £13
Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve (half a bottle) £9.50
Sharpham Sparkling Brut (1 glass) £6

“The barn looked amazing and it was lovely to see our dreams for the day come true. It was down to the management of the day that helped create such a fantastic atmosphere, everyone was relaxed and just enjoyed the day – a haven from day to day life.”

“Thank you for helping to make our big day so special and unique to us.”