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  • Great Barn Devon Wedding Venue

Directions by road

From the M5/A38 heading South
Follow the signs for Plymouth. Leave the A38 at the Teign Valley exit. Turn right off the slip road. Cross the A38 then take the first turning on the right signed Dunsford/Teign Valley (B3193).
Follow Directions continued below.

From the A38 heading North
Take the exit to the Teign Valley and turn left off the slip road. Take the first right signed Dunsford/Teign Valley (B3193).

Directions continued…
Continue along the B3193 for approx 4 miles. After passing the golf course, turn right at the next crossroads, crossing a stone bridge, into Ashton. Carry straight on through the village. The Great Barn will be found after approx 1 mile on the left hand side.

From Exeter
Either join the A38 heading South or take the B3212 towards Moretonhampstead. After passing through Longdown, turn left after about two miles – signposted Christow. When you reach the “T” junction at the end of the road turn left onto the B3193 sign posted towards Chudleigh. Continue for two miles. Turn left, sign posted Ashton crossing a narrow stone bridge. Carry straight on through the village. The Great Barn will be found after approx 1 mile on the left hand side.

By Rail
Exeter St Davids (8 miles)

By Air
Exeter International Airport (15 miles)
Plymouth International Airport (39 miles)
Bristol International Airport (77 miles)

The Great Barn is set in the middle of a picture postcard valley, but getting here is remarkably easy. For guests travelling by car we are just 15 minutes from the M5. Exeter St David’s train station is 20 minutes away with its high speed links to London, and Exeter Airport has an increasingly comprehensive list of destinations.

We strongly advise you to use our directions (above). If using sat nav, please approach via the B3193 otherwise it will direct you down very, very tiny Devon lanes!

The Great Barn Devon

Surrounded by the Place Barton private estate, exclusivity and privacy are guaranteed.

We have ample parking for over 45 cars at the back of the Barn, as well as disabled access. It is lit at night and guests are welcome to leave their cars overnight and pick them up on Sunday or Monday, or whenever suits them. Further parking can be arranged if necessary.

We can provide you with a list of lots of lovely B+B’s and small country hotels in the area, as well as suggestions for bus companies and taxis firms for those who might want to make use of the large range of hotels in Exeter.

Often our clients book mini buses to ferry guests to and from the Barn. We can help with that side of things, together with supplying you with a list of local taxi firms for your guests to book cabs in advance.

Helicopters can land on the estate if necessary so, all in all, it is perfectly possible to have a dreamy country wedding without the stress of guests getting lost in endless country lanes.

“An extra special thanks for rescuing us when our classic car didn’t show up – you really went above and beyond the call of duty to make everything run smoothly!”

Ellie & John

“Thank you again for your fabulous venue and tireless work and organisation for our wedding in August. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting and your attention to detail from day one was first class. You really are a fabulous outfit!”

Charlotte & Tom
Buy Diazepam Xanax