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The most important part of your day is your marriage itself. If you wanted a church wedding a few minutes walk from the Great Barn is the enchanting St John the Baptist, listed as one of Britain’s top 1,000 churches. It is like something from a film set, a picture-perfect country church. While there are a few hoops to get through to marry there, it is certainly possible, and we guide you through all the formalities.

If you were thinking of a Civil Ceremony or Civil Partnership, then the Barn really comes into its own. Restored to its original 15th century design with the vast vaulted oak roof, simple lime plastered walls, the building, together with the state of the art lighting injects a very special atmosphere into a marriage ceremony.  Our brides can walk the length of the Barn, perhaps through an avenue of candles or trees or petals to either live musicians or music played in through our professional sound system.

We also have our beautiful arbour in the walled garden for those who would like to have their Civil Ceremony outside.  The entrance of the bride is through the ancient  arched gate, coated in wisteria. It couldn’t be more magical!

And it’s not just Civil Ceremonies and Partnerships which can take place in the Barn. We would be thrilled to have any kind ceremony – from religious blessings to Chinese tea ceremonies. We can also put you in touch with a Celebrant who can conduct ceremonies either in the Barn or in the garden.

To book a Civil Ceremony, contact Devon Register Office, telephone 0845 155 1002, email  For a church wedding call Rev Graham Mayer on 01647 252 845.

“The lighting during the ceremony was stunning and set the mood perfectly!”

“Walking down the hill from Ashton Church with the band playing, and being welcomed to the barn as ‘Mrs Rachel’, was incredibly special.”