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Photos courtesy of Buy Lorazepam

Information about Figgy Cottage

Figgy Cottage is as gorgeous as one would expect from a totally revamped, refurbished and lovingly restored former gatehouse. Fine furnishings, stylish designer fabrics and a modern kitchen – just perfect for a relaxing get away.

A very comfortable sitting room with deep sofas bordering the open fireplace, just right for a cuddle up in the evening. Netflix is available on the TV and plenty of books and DVDs are left in the cottage for you, along with an iPod dock and a Roberts radio.

The smart kitchen has all mod cons, slate floors and all the equipment you could wish for. So if you tire of the many local eateries why not cook up a storm at home?

A rather special four poster large double bed in the master bedroom piled high with luxurious linens, covers and cushions. Two very pretty single bedrooms are just as gorgeous. All have deep mattresses, high thread count linens and some rather lovely blinds and curtains in each room – pure bliss. The beds are made up with duck down bedding however hypoallergenic can be provided if you prefer.

A bright sparkling en suite bathroom for the master bedroom and a large family shower-room with sloping ceilings complete with lashings of hot water and big fluffy towels.

Parking for one car is available outside the cottage, more can be parked a few steps away in the courtyard.

Figgy Cottage is fully WiFi ready, so if you need to keep in touch with the outside world you can.

Dog friendly
One adult dog is very welcome.

Figgy Cottage is set in 120 acres of stunning grounds with woodlands and rivers to explore; this is a perfect rural escape for friends or family. St Nectan sleeps 6 and is in the same grounds so both could be booked together for a larger party.

A footpath from the grounds leads up to Doddiscombsleigh, home to the renown Nobody Inn. The Manor Pub in Ashton offers gorgeous food and is just a half mile walk down the hill.

Enjoy amazing views from Haldon Belvedere otherwise known as Lawrence Castle, just five minutes away. Haldon Forest Park has lovely walks, bike trails, Go Ape and Segwaying. Exmouth has a great beach, sailing, wake boarding and within a 10 minute drive are wonderful walks at Kennick, Tottiford and Trenchford Reservoirs. Other places to explore are Canonteign Falls, Fingle Bridge, Castle Drogo, Devon Guild of Craftsmen – Bovey Tracey, Ashburton which is full of antique shops or take coastal walks on the cliffs at Teignmouth and Shaldon across the Teign estuary.

There are fabulous places to eat nearby; Gidleigh Park – a 2 Michelin starred restaurant; Endsleigh Hotel near Tavistock is accessed by a great car ride over the moor; Darts Farm at Exmouth is an award winning farm shop which sells everything plus has a delicious cafe; The Crab Shack in Teignmouth; The Turf pub overlooks the Exe and is accessed only on foot or by bike, it can also be reached by taking the ferry from Topsham across the estuary and, last but not least, The River Exe Cafe which is a floating restaurant on the River Exe and offers amazing food (summer season only).

Lorazepam Online Order

Our beautiful self-catering cottages are available at preferential rates for wedding parties and their guests.
At all other times, the cottages may be booked for self-catering short breaks via Buy Valium Cuba

Buy Adipex Online Australia