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  • wedding photography, beautiful wedding venue, devon wedding venues, the great barn devon

Having a fantastic record of one of the most important days of your life is a must. The cottages, Great Barn, courtyard and walled garden, provide great backdrops for pictures you will look at for many, many years to come.

We have seen so many fabulous images of our brides getting ready in our light, bright cottages. The lighting rig in the Barn instantly gives all photographers the upper hand. John’s meticulous lighting for the ceremony means our brides are beautifully lit and without doubt all look utterly lovely (our grooms of course look fantastically handsome too!) A wonderful shot is our couples, just married, stepping out of the big front doors with all their family and friends lined on the steps throwing petals.

When it comes to group shots the garden has so many lovely spots and the speeches always look great, again because photographers are given such a lot of help with the remote controlled spotlights. As John directed commercials he knew how important it is to light things properly. Every time we see photographs from a wedding we know it was well worth putting in the lights! Have a look at our gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

Finding the right photographer is crucial. We have seen many of them at work and regularly see their pictures. The ones we really like make it onto our Bride’s Bible, a list of useful contacts we email to you, should you choose to book with us.

“Perfection is the name of the game when you guys are running things – and wow! What a team you make – we can’t thank you both enough.”

Lisa & Chris

“I genuinely do not know how I would have managed to plan our day without you. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you because you made our dreams a reality on the most special day of our lives.”

Claudette & Chris
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