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  • Great Team, Great Barn Devon, Wedding Venue, Unique Barn Wedding Venue, Devon Weddings

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the support we give all our clients both in the run up to and on the day of their wedding. When our clients book we email them our Brides Bible which lists lots of great contacts, we are very happy to meet regularly to discuss plans and Emma is always on the end of the phone or an email to answer any questions or offer up suggestions.

On the prep day John is available all day to help set up, rehearse ceremonies and go through the detail of the day. During the day itself John is always there making sure what you have planned is put into place letting you really relax and enjoy your day, happy in the knowledge everything is in very experienced hands.

“Your enthusiasm in hearing all our plans and your limitless ‘can do’ attitude made wedding planning a complete pleasure.”

Rachel & Simon

“What we really found special was how personal your service was – of course, you do lots of weddings, but we felt central to your concerns and you never once missed a beat or a detail – it was a brilliant service and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.”

Matthew & Anna
Buy Lorazepam Legally Online