great barn wedding booking form

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Booking Deposit

Please send a cheque for £1,000 payable to The Great Barn (Place Barton) Ltd with the date of your wedding on the back.

Or, if you prefer, transfer the deposit to sort code: 20-47-39, account number: 10884936, using your wedding date as a reference.

Terms and Conditions – The Great Barn (Place Barton) Ltd

1.1 We retain the right to accept or refuse any application by any party for rental of The Great Barn at Our discretion and without explanation.

1.2 The maximum number of people that may be booked to attend the Function is 300 in The Great Barn and 50 in the Roundhouse.

2.1 In order to hire The Great Barn You must return a completed Booking Form together with a cheque or transfer of £1,000.

2.2 We operate a no refund policy on cancellation of bookings.

2.3 In all cases details of a valid credit card for Losses and Breakages security must accompany your deposit.

2.4 We will dispose of the credit card details using all reasonable care to ensure that such details are removed from our records in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Final Payment
3.1 An invoice for the remainder of all venue hire, plus any Extras, such as hire of West Barn, cottages, chairs, tables, linen, china, glass etc will be sent to You after the event. If You are liable to pay us any other costs for any reason You must pay all such costs within 28 days of the invoice.

Function Times
4.1 Access to The Great Barn will be granted not before 9am on the day before the Function or 9am the day of the Function, and 10am the day after the Function unless agreed by Us.

4.2 Place Barton must be vacated by midnight on the day of the Function unless agreed otherwise by Us.

4.3 All amplified music must end by 11.30pm. We reserve the right to have music which we deem excessively loud turned down.

5.1 You will speak to Dartmoor Kitchen about providing all your food and waiting staff.

5.2 We make no representation of warranties as to the quality of suitability of any of the goods and services offered by any of the companies or products we recommend.

Your Obligations
6.1 You agree to take good care of The Great Barn and West Barn and Gardens.

6.2 You agree to permit Us reasonable access to The Great Barn and West Barn at all times.

6.3 You agree not to cause disturbance, annoyance or in any way cause inconvenience to any neighbours or passers-by or to any other person.

6.4 You agree not, under any circumstances, to affix anything to any of the walls, beams or otherwise of The Great Barn or West Barn unless We give You explicit directions to do so.

Non-Availability of the Property
7.1 If for any reason beyond Our control The Great Barn or West Barn is not available for the Function (for whatever reason) or The Great Barn or West Barn is for any reason temporarily unsuitable for Your use, We will refund You all hire and charges paid in advance by You to Us within 28 days of the date of the Function.

7.2 If The Great Barn or West Barn becomes unusable during the Function We shall, at Our discretion, depending on the cause of such situation, refund You for the proportion of the rental payment that would have been due for the specific remaining period – on a percentage basis, within 28 days.7.3 In such a situation You will have no further claim against Us.

8.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law We do not accept liability for any act, negligence or default on the part of any person not employed by Us or otherwise under Our control, nor for accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or property, which You (or any other person) suffers or incurs arising out of, or in any way connected to Your use of The Great Barn during, before or after the Function.

8.2 In addition We accept no liability for loss of or damage to Your possessions on Our property or Land.

Authority to Sign
9.1 The person who submits this Booking Form herby certifies that he or she will take responsibility for the party occupying The Great Barn to the fullest extent possible.