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We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Country Living for June’s edition, as part of their regular Kitchen Table Talent feature, which celebrates the home-grown entrepreneurs who have turned their hobbies into a thriving business.

Buy Xanax Romania

We are so excited to share this wedding with you today. Thank you so much Lucy Wallace Photography for sending over these beautiful images of Lauren and Jon, who were married with us this year. Lauren’s dress is absolutely incredible, don’t you agree!

Plenty of laughter, music and dancing was had by all and we ADORE the main image of all the gang together outside the barn doors. This makes us very happy indeed!

Buy Soma Next Day Delivery

When photos drop into our inbox, it makes us very, very happy!

And these are no exception. Florence and Richard were married here last month embraced by all their loved ones. The weather was spot on, the guests were beaming and that cake!!!

Buy Adipex Online Australia

We are sooooo excited to be showcasing some of the examples of our beautiful furniture, accessories, props and event hire supplies at The Decidedly Different Vintage Wedding Fair, this weekend.

Buy Cheap Valium Online Uk

Winter and, more specifically, Christmas add an extra special touch to a wedding, we think. The bride can accessorise with some incredibly beautiful details; from furs to flakes, from rich colours to warm winter woollies! Here are just some of our favourite seasonal bridal accessories. You can see more over on our Pinterest boards!

Buy Real Phentermine

Whilst you are dreaming of spicy, hot chocolate drinks, warm blankets and open fires (aren’t we all this time of year), take a few minutes to have a look at some of the weddings that have melted our hearts this month.

Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets

Wonderful Wedding Inspiration from our Favourite Bridal Blogs.

Buy Phentermine Spain

Our Great and Good post this month is dedicated to brides. Those that we meet and the ones that we ‘Ooh and Aah’ over, on the pages on our favourite bridal blogs. It’s all about the gowns, the accessories, the make-up, the hair and the moments captured when girl meets boy (or girl) and they fall in love all over again.