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Well, what a weekend! We’re just coming down from a wedding high and getting ourselves back together in time for the next one. So, while we are nursing sore feet and putting the freshness back, we are going to indulge in a little bit of Megan & Johnny’s wedding from last year. 

Buy Diazepam Uk

January is long and cold and, for some, a bit of a challenging month. So for a little light relief we are looking back at this corker of a wedding from last August, with stunning images by Mark Shaw Photography.

Order Ambien

Harriet & Matt were married with us last year. They chose a beautiful church wedding followed by fun, frivolity and celebration at The Great Barn. The full shebang was photographed by Will Stedman and we think he really did capture the true essence of the day. The rain did not stop play, in fact, it actually made for some very beautiful photographs.

Buy Phentermine With Prescription

We love, love, love the personal, DIY touches from Zoe & Ollie’s wedding day. It’s not just about budgeting, it’s about creating things that are unique to you and that really show off your character and personality. And we are all for it at The Great Barn, with such a beautiful blank canvas to fill.

Order Zolpidem Online

Sarah and David were married at The Great Barn earlier this year. This lovely couple chose simple, but colourful accents to really bring their wedding theme together. Bright blue bridesmaids and cheery sunflowers, plus lots of fun and games in the garden before the wedding breakfast. Captured beautifully by Fiona Walsh.

Order Alprazolam Online India

We are so excited to share this wedding with you today. Thank you so much Lucy Wallace Photography for sending over these beautiful images of Lauren and Jon, who were married with us this year. Lauren’s dress is absolutely incredible, don’t you agree!

Plenty of laughter, music and dancing was had by all and we ADORE the main image of all the gang together outside the barn doors. This makes us very happy indeed!