wedding drinks

We are very happy for you to bring in your own Pimms, Prosecco, Champagne, wines, whatever drinks you would like, leaving you to choose how much or little you want to spend on this side of things. We certainly wouldn’t charge you corkage – John feels very strongly that our clients should be able to drink a decent bottle of wine and not have to pay over the odds for it!

If your drinks are delivered a day or two before your wedding, we will then make sure any white wine and champagne etc is put into the fridges to properly chill ready for your catering team to serve during your drinks reception and feast.

the bar

Once the feast has finished Great Barn staff will be ready and waiting to run a bar for you. Again, because we would like you to have as much choice as possible over how your day is constructed, you can either have a free bar or a pay bar – or a bit of both.

If you went down the first route our staff would serve drinks for free from the bar that you have provided. Some of our clients ask for wine from the feast to be continued to be served, they sometimes bring a barrel or two of beer which we can set up on tables in the covered area of the courtyard for guests to help themselves, together with other drinks they know their guests would like.

As we have a liquor license other clients make use of this and go for a full pay bar, opting to take back any remaining bottles of wine etc.

The most common route is to go for a mixture of the two. Clients often ask for left over wine from the feast to continue to be served for free, they also provide maybe a barrel of beer, but if guests want something other than those drinks on offer, such as spirits, then they leave them to buy them.

“The barn looked amazing and it was lovely to see our dreams for the day come true. It was down to the management of the day that helped create such a fantastic atmosphere, everyone was relaxed and just enjoyed the day – a haven from day to day life.”

Grace & Tom

“Thank you for helping to make our big day so special and unique to us.”

Claire & Ali