katharine lightfoot exhibition

We were thrilled to host the Katharine Lightfoot exhibition of her new paintings at The Great Barn last November. The pretty location and stunning large interior of The Great Barn perfectly complimented Katharine’s large oil paintings.

Inspired by the beautiful Dartmoor landscape, Katharine paints sheep, cattle, landscapes, and seascapes of the South Hams coastline.

Katharine Lightfoot

For information about Katharine’s work, contact Katharine Lightfoot

e: footlightkat@aol.com
t: 01363 866351

“This was my second solo exhibition at The Great Barn and again, I enjoyed every minute. It’s a beautiful space for exhibiting, particularly large paintings as you have room to stand back, fantastic lighting system and no stark white gallery walls. John is incredibly helpful with the hanging and is always around to help with anything. Looking forward to exhibiting at the Great Barn again.”

Kat Lightfoot - ArtistVisit website: KatLightfoot.com
Katharine Lightfoot – Artist

Katharine Lightfoot, born in 1972, graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Fine Art, and has lived and worked as an artist in Devon for the last sixteen years. Painting primarily large canvases in oil, she portrays the landscape as being both breathtaking yet hostile, though without narrative content.

Inspired by the moorland animals and their ability to survive the elements, Katharine paints freely to evoke movement and energy within her subjects, emphasising the light contrast, and ever changing moods of the moor.

Katharine has also recently produced a series of moody, dramatic seascapes of the North Cornish and South Devon coast.

Most recent exhibition: October 2014 Royal College of Art, London CHASE Childrens Hospice Charity.